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The National Library of Australia: Interview with the Legal Advocate Dan Phuong Nguyen

Lawyer Dan Phuong Nguyen: "When I was a kid". Photo: Anna Zhu

For more than 50 years, the National Library of Australia has recorded interviews with distinguished Australians. The Library's Oral History collection is the largest in Australia, consisting of more than 56,000 hours of recordings.

Lawyer Dan Phuong Nguyen was privileged to be interviewed and documented as a reference for future research and study.

Words excerpted from Ms Dan's expression:

"It was a touching and emotional moment for me to receive a personal invitation to be interviewed for the Library’s oral history collection. It is such an honour that I never imagined would be mine. I am deeply humbled for the Invitation by the Library’s Director General and the opportunity to record my biography. I wish to thank Anna Zhu for her amazing sensitivity during the recording and such unique artistic skills in capturing memorable moments and angles of me and my family for inclusion in the Library storage. I hope my story may inspire generations in future to appreciate the struggles, the determination, heartaches and hard work that contributed to make Australia such a great country I am proud to call My Home."


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