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Justice of the Peace (JP) and Notary Public: What's the Difference?

Justice of the Peace (JP) is someone who can certify true copy of documents, witnessing affidavits and statutory declarations - for use only in Australia.

Public Notary can do the same with International recognition and can give legal advice.

1) A Notary must be a lawyer with at least 5 years of legal practice

2) A Notary can verify documents for international use.

A Notary has significantly more responsibilities than a Justice of the Peace as they are granted their own seals or stamps for use in Australian, international and courts in foreign countries.

So, what is a Notary Public in relation to a JP? The most notable difference is that a Notary can actually give legal advice; a JP cannot. A Notary can officiate over and administer oaths, affirmations and offer legal advice and services. A Justice of the Peace can’t do any of these tasks.

Our founder, Ms Dan Phuong Nguyen, is a lawyer with over 30 years experience, an Immigration Lawyer registered with MARA since 1994 and a Notary Public.


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